Frequently Asked Questions

If I hire a designer will I end up spending a fortune?

No, some people have the misconception that hiring a designer automatically increases their spending, and that the designer will not take their opinions to heart. However a good designer will take all things into consideration, troubleshoots and finds ways of improving things, while working within an agreed budget. He/she should have contacts and know the going prices, and not pay over the odds, by forward planning they also avoid expensive mistakes, (e.g. furniture not fitting) thus able to save you money.

I want to keep some of my existing features, is this a problem?

Not at all we work hard to incorporate existing pieces with new pieces. Your designer should, in fact, give you the best possible look and create a cohesive look.

I love D.I.Y. Can I carry out the work myself?

A consultation can give a client ideas for sprucing up their space without investing in new furnishings, for reusing things they have in a different way and advice on the best way to carry out jobs.

We don’t have the time to organise trades people etc., can't the designer do this?

Anyone beginning new construction or a significant remodelling project should seriously consider using a designer. The designer can be the liaison between the homeowner and contractors or subcontractors to provide a seamless transition into the new space. The homeowner can simply turn headaches over to the designer who, in turn, works out the details and often relieves the stress associated with construction issues.

How do I choose which designer to use?

Prospective designers should be interviewed...ask questions, and ask for references. Rely on your instincts to determine whether this person is listening, seems to understand your particular requests, and shows enthusiasm about your project. The relationship you have with your designer should be comfortable and confident. Many close and lasting friendships develop from the experience of working with an interior designer.

After describing your project, ask if this is a project the designer would be interested in and if the designer has experience in this type of project. If you have a deadline, ask if the designer can meet your deadline. Is the designer willing and able to work within your budget? Don't be afraid to inform the designer about your budget. Does the designer have a staff? If so, who will handle your project? Can you be assured of having the same person throughout the term of the project? If the designer uses sub contractors (painters, paperhangers etc.) are they all insured? Will references be furnished and does the designer have a portfolio you can see